Organic Periwinkle Herb

Organic Periwinkle Herb

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Periwinkle Herb, or Vinca minor, is an evergreen groundcover that has shiny dark green leaves and brilliant periwinkle-blue flowers. The stems of the plant grow, and anywhere they come in contact with the ground, roots can form. Thus, these ground covers grow densely and can easily cover a large space with beautiful flowers for the warmer months. This plant is related to another, known as Vinca major, but differs in that the major variety has larger leaves that bear hairy edges, while Vinca minor's leaf edges are completely smooth. Some varieties of the plant also sport variegated leaves.


Botanical Name: Vinca Minor
Common Names: Greater Periwinkle, Early Flowering Periwinkle, Lesser Periwinkle

Form: Cut & Sifted
Origin: Croatia
Certification: Organic


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