Organic Pennyroyal Leaf

Organic Pennyroyal Leaf

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Pennyroyal Leaf, known in Latin as Mentha pulegium, is a part of the mint genus of plants, and inherited its scent from that fragrant plant group. Pennyroyal Leaf, as other members of the Mentha genus, are perennial herbaceous plants that die down in cold months and reemerge in the warmer months from a series of underground rhizomes. The plant produces bright green leaves and pinkish-white flowers.

Warning: Not to be used during pregnancy. Not to be used while nursing. Not for use by women with a heavy menstrual flow. Not recommended for use in infants, children, or in persons with liver or kidney disease.


Latin Name: Mentha pulegium
Common Names: European Pennyroyal, Hilwort, Pudding grass

Form: Cut & Sifted
Origin: Croatia
Certification: Organic