Organic Mugwort Herb

Organic Mugwort Herb

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Mugwort Herb is found in North America, Asia and Europe, including Great Britain. This hardy plant can grow to a height of six feet with stout stems, a light purple in color. In North America the Mugwort Herb plant is mistaken to be a weed, since it is very hard to get rid of. However in Europe and Asia, the reputation of the Mugwort Herb is much better because of its long history of medicinal use.

Mugwort Herb is also sometimes referred to as St. John's Plant because of the tradition of gathering the herb on St. John's Eve. Mugwort Herb Cut and Sifted has been said to enhance dreams when placed under your pillow at night. Organic Mugwort Herb is a natural source of vitamin C, beta carotene, fiber, calcium, and zinc.


Latin Name: Artemisia Vulgaris
Common Names: Common Mugwort, Sailor's Tobacco, Felon Herb, St. John's Plant

Form: Cut & Sifted
Origin: Croatia
Certification: Organic