Atman Tea Co.

 Launched in 2015, Atman Tea Co. has been offering unique and distinctive teas from around the world. Here at Atman Tea Co., we strive to offer variety of premium loose-leaf teas including Black Teas, Fruit Tisanes, Iced Teas and so much more. Our fascinating blends create rich aromas and heavenly tastes that will awaken all your senses. Every sip will capture a moment to remember forever, so grab a cup and let’s create lifelong memories together!


The word "Atman" in the Sanskrit language translates in English to "the inner-self" or "the soul."  In order for your Atman to be at peace, your mind, body, and spirit must be aligned.  Anxiety, stress, and fatigue cause them to become misaligned and act independently.  This then causes loss of focus and exhaustion.  Only when your Atman is at peace is when you can feel calm, focused, and relaxed.