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Our sole focus is to promote relaxation, one cup of tasty tea at a time. It is our firm belief that everyone deserves to live a happy, stress-free life so they can pursue their grandest dreams.  As a result, we strive to deliver relaxation to our customers in every cup of tea, using only quality ingredients, which we distribute with the most eco-friendly packaging available.  Every time you brew a cup of Atman tea, you will be experiencing the most enjoyable and calming natural tea available. 


The word "Atman" in the Sanskrit language translates in English to "the inner-self" or "the soul."  In order for your Atman to be at peace, your mind, body, and spirit must be aligned.  Anxiety, stress, and fatigue cause them to become misaligned and act independently.  This then causes loss of focus and exhaustion.  Only when your Atman is at peace is when you can feel calm, focused, and relaxed. 

Pyramid Tea Sachets

Why tea sachets and not loose leaf tea?
Convenience is directly related to our Philosophy of a relaxing life.  The tea sachets make single servings of tea brewing more convenient, just like normal tea bags.  However our high quality tea is placed in slightly larger than traditional tea bags (Pyramid Sachets), giving it more room to infuse and release its aromatic and calming powers.

Are we missing out on the flavor when we choose tea bags over loose leaves? 
No.  The quality of a tea depends entirely on the company that distributes the tea, not whether it is packaged in bags or as loose tea leaves.  At Atman Tea, we regard the flavor of our tea as one of the most important factors in the whole experience that encircles the art of tea.  Therefore, we have spent countless hours searching for the ultimate method to offer high quality tea to our customers.  We have made sure to serve our tea in eco-friendly ways that will not under any circumstances sacrifice either the quality or flavor of our tea.

What is the material used for the tea sachets?
We take great pride in the quality of our pyramid sachets.  Atman Tea Company sachets are made of Polylactic Acid (PLA).  Corn starch is its base material, and it is an entirely renewable resource.  Furthermore, the pyramid sachets are commercially compostable.

Will your tea bags have an affect on the tea flavor?
No.  To protect the flavor and benefits of our tea, we have completely refrained from utilizing tea bags that are sealed with staples or glue.  Additionally, we do not attach strings (which generally attach the paper logo on conventional tea bags).