Organic Beet Root Powder

Organic Beet Root Powder

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Beet Root, or Beta vulgaris rubra, is a vegetable. However the Beet Root was once considered an herb. So the beet root we know now is only about 300 years old. The original whole form for this organic herb started out looking like a carrot.

Beet Root has been claimed to have many helpful uses. Of course everyone knows beets are good to eat, they are actually the sweetest of all vegetables. Beet Root Powder is rich in antioxidants as well. Quality bulk herbs like Beet Root Powder can be added to nutritional drinks or added to flavor food.

Two teaspoons of Beet Root Powder has similar nutritional value as a full serving of beets.


Latin Name: Beta Vulgaris Rubra
Common Names: Red Garden Beet

Form: Powder
Origin: China
Certification: Organic