Organic Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds

Organic Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds

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Alfalfa is a hearty mild, leafy green with a neutral flavor that makes a perfect lettuce substitute, and is also great in juice. Alfalfa is a fast growing plant, and if you were to examine it after only a week’s time, you would already notice the green leaves starting. Even at this early stage, Alfalfa provides the full flavor of the fully grown adult vegetable. In the case of alfalfa, the adult plant’s leaves are just a little bit too chewy to be considered delectable by people, but its baby leaves, the sprouts, are perfectly scrumptious.


Organic Alfalfa Leaf Sprouting Seeds
Botanical Name: Medicago sativa
Common Names: Chilean Clover

Form: Seeds
Origin: Canada
Certification: Organic