The Perfect Cup of Tea

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In mid August, we wrote a blog titled, “Proper Way To Steep Tea,” and the primary focus of the blog was to convey a general knowledge regarding steeping. Furthermore, the blog mentioned key elements to brewing a perfect cup of tea such as, Water, Temperature of the Water and Steeping Time. Today, we will elaborate a bit more on these elements.


Water is as essential to the brew as is the tea itself. Therefore, the purity of the water is vital and it must be without any added chemicals. Naturally, it goes without saying that bottled water should be avoided. In other words, the chemicals found in bottled water can alter the taste and it may alter the benefits of the tea. Hence, the water used for the tea should be either spring water or freshly filtered water.


A common misconception is that any variety of tea can be brewed using the same water temperature. However, this is a myth and depending on the type of tea you are preparing, the temperature is crucial to brew the prefect cup of tea. For instance, Green and White Teas require cooler temperature to infuse, due to their delicacy. However, the same cannot be said of Black and Herbal teas, as they require hotter temperature to infuse.

Steeping Time

Similar to temperature, there is a misconception that all types of teas are steeped in the same length of time. Teas such as, Green and White are much more delicate and require less time to be steeped. On the other hand, Black Tea and Herbal Tea require longer length of time to be steeped to release their flavor and benefits.

The Art of Brewing the perfect cup of tea is a difficult art to master, however, with simple understanding of different teas, one may master it quite easily. In other words, each type of tea is processed differently and each tea has its own characteristics. Therefore, each tea has its unique way of preparation. Below you will find a table that indicates the steeping time and temperature for each type of tea.


*For Our Signature Tea, we recommend steeping it for 3-5 minutes at 212° F. *



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