The Importance of Water Quality

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Ever since the world discovered tea, it has never stopped trying to find ways of improving its taste. It has been said that master tea makers in ancient China use to look for isolated mountain springs that they thought provided the highest quality water with which they could use for brewing their tea. Fast-forward to today, and most of us do not have to go through the trouble of seeking out an isolated mountain spring, we have the convenient access to numerous sources of water. However, the question is, which source has the best quality that would produce the best quality tea?
In order to find the answer to the question, we will discuss the best sources for the highest quality water in addition to the sources of water to avoid for the purposes of brewing your tea. Altogether, there are a total of three key qualities of water that can have a determining effect either negatively or positively on your tea.
1) The pH level
As many of you already know, the pH level indicates the acidic and alkaline levels of the water. A score of 7 in the pH scale is considered neutral. Anything below a 7 is considered acidic, and anything above is considered alkaline. With regard to brewing your tea, it is recommended to use water that has a neutral ranking, or as close to neutral as possible. Granted, it is really difficult to check the pH level of every source of water that you come across, but in general, both spring water and tap water are ranked more alkalized.
2) Chemical and Mineral Content
When considering the mineral content of the water, it is well known that some mineral content is desirable because it will positively impact your tea. However, excess of minerals will be the cause of a bad tasting tea. Needless to say, chemicals generally have a negative impact on your tea.
3) Freshness
Now, lets talk about the freshness, what is fresh water? Water that has not been boiled can be fresh, water that has more oxygen could be considered fresh, but water that has been left to stand overnight would not be considered fresh. It is really important to always use fresh water when brewing your tea, because the oxygen in fresh water will help aerate the tea, which will consequently provide a stronger flavor.
Having a better understanding about the key qualities of water will help you in your quest to choose high quality water for your tea.
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