The History of Tea Bags

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As we all know, there are a lot of opinions regarding the method of preparing tea. There are also a lot of opinions regarding which way is better, loose leaf or with tea bags. Traditionally speaking, tea was made by adding leaves to water.

However, because of an ever-changing world, we are always looking for more convenient ways of doing things. One of these new ways of doing things was to prepare tea with little Tea Bags.

According to an article published by Time Magazine: “The invention (of tea bags) solved two problems at once: how to make single serving of tea-brewing more convenient, and how to reduce cleanup—throwing out a teabag is much easier than cleaning loose leaves out of a pot.” However, this was after tea bags were introduced. Legend has it that in the early 1900, Thomas Sullivan shipped out samples of his tea in small silk pouches to customers to try. The customers simply took the small pouch of tea and inserted into hot boiling water, even though this was not his intention. Furthermore, seven years earlier, two individuals from Milwaukee by the names of Robert C. Lawson and May Molaren filed a patent for a “tea leaf holder” that resembles the tea bags of today. Whoever was the first to actually present the modern tea bag to the public is still debatable. Nevertheless, we thank them for it. 

Now that you know the very brief history of the tea bag, lets take a deeper look at the reputation of the tea bag. There are many misconceptions regarding tea bags; namely that they loose flavor, it alters teas benefits and are for low-grade tea. Although this may be true for many of the tea brands that are out there, it certainly does not mean its true for all brands. Modern day tea bags carry tealeaves that are crushed with added flavor. This makes the color of the tea incredibly rich, however, it looses its taste, the benefits and the overall quality of the tea. This may be constituted to the fact the tea bags may have been bleached and/or the sizes of the tea bags are insufficient to hold the tea. Traditional tea bags, such as a rectangular shaped, are used for mass-producing. Increasing quantity but loosing quality at the same time. It’s an unfortunate outcome but it is something we should be aware of.

Nevertheless, the truth is that overtime tea bags have changed, and even though the numbers are slim, more companies are using tea bags that are bleach-free, biodegradable and organic. In todays world, tea companies should use tea bags that are big enough for whole tea leaves to move and absorb as much water it needs to release its benefits, its flavor and its aroma. Hence, in mid 1990’s, Brooke Bond, the then parent company of PG Tips invented pyramid tea bags (triangle tea bags) and it gave hope to the reputation of the tea bags. Pyramid tea bags, gave more room for the tea to infuse and release its wonderful benefits. It is slightly larger than traditional tea bags, and may be made from different materials, which is a good thing for the environment. Pyramid tea bags made loose leaf tea move around and release all of its benefits without creating a mess in the teapot. It made it possible for organic tea brands, such as us, to bring blended herbal teas to benefit the drinker. 

This was precisely our goal to offer our organic tea in high quality biodegradable pyramid tea bags (sachets). This gives the tea the flexibility it needs to expand into the tea bag and release all of its antioxidants, color, flavor and benefits into a cup of tea. Our tea is a blend of Ashwagandha Root and Jasmine Green Tea, therefore, the herb and the tea need room for them to maximize their true potentiality and release all of the benefits. Speaking for ourselves, the Pyramid Tea Bags that we use for our tea accomplish the same objectives bring the same benefits, color, aroma, and taste as loose leaf does.

Many of misconceptions of the tea bags were brought to us by the old traditional tea bags that used crushed tealeaves, which are still in the market today. However, tea in pyramid tea bags can be enjoyed the same way as loose leaf because pyramid tea bags give the purveyor a chance to deliver the same high quality loose-leaf tea in organic and biodegradable pyramid tea bags.

Therefore, what this means for all of us who enjoy drinking tea that is made with tea bags is that the quality of the tea depends on many different factors, greatest of all being the company philosophy.

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