Tea Bags To Be Aware Of

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Ever since last weeks post titled “The History of Tea Bags,” we have received many emails suggesting us to base this week’s blog on Bleached Tea Bags. So per your request, we have decided to write today’s blog on Traditional Tea Bags, Bleach-Free Tea Bags and Biodegradable Tea Bags.

The Traditional Tea Bags found in mostly low-grade teas, consist of bleached tea bags with a tiny staple to hold the string. These tea bags are the ones to be cautious with. Although some companies have switched to Oxygen-Bleached Tea Bags, the majority still use Chlorine-Bleached Tea Bags, while a very small number of companies have gone with Bleach-Free Tea Bags. Without going too much into detail, Chlorine-Bleached Tea Bags produce “tetrachlorodibenzo para dioxin,” which is the most toxic dioxin, according to Toxipedia. However, it is not only tea bags we should be aware of, according to Green Peace, bleached containers and filters can leach dioxins into milk, coffee, and other foods with which they come in contact. One should be take into consideration that in 1994, EPA scientists warned that these dioxins can lead to loss of reproductive capabilities, endometriosis, developmental and behavioral disorders and lastly a damaged immune systems.

On the other hand, Bleach-Free Tea Bags are being used by small number of companies. These companies may be found at your local organic stores, grocery stores and/or even in chain super markets. Although Bleach-Free Tea Bags are a great step forward for tea industry, there are still many things to consider. For example, the tea bags are not big enough for the tea, therefore, the tea found inside the tea bags are crushed into tiny pieces, which may alter the taste, smell and overall benefit if the tea.

Finally, there is the Biodegradable Pyramid Tea Bags. As mentioned in the previous blog, Pyramid Tea Bags (Sachets) have much more room for the tea to move and expand; therefore, it will not have an affect on its taste, smell and overall benefit. However, the single most important factor to keep in mind is that the Biodegradable Tea Bags are from mesh material and do not go through any chemical treatment. Another key factor to remember is that majority of Pyramid Tea Bags are Biodegradable. In our case, our tea is placed inside Biodegradable Tea Bags, which means the tea bags did not go through any chemical cleansing. It also should be noted that Biodegradable Tea Bags are good for the environment and even though a very small number of companies are using it, as time goes on, more companies understand its benefits and start the process for the positive replacement.



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