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To have the best tasting tea, one must prepare it properly. We have been receiving emails regarding the best methods to preparing tea and not just our tea but tea in general. One thing to keep in mind is that different teas should be handled differently. Each type of tea requires certain water temperature, certain amount and certain steep time. Therefore, we will only be covering the steep methods for a better cup of tea for Green Tea and Herbal Tea.

Regardless of the type of tea, the primary mistake people make when preparing tea is using unfiltered water. Meaning, people will boil tap water to steep the tea bags. In any event, one must always use filtered and clean water for boiling. Another mistake people make is using hot water and not boiling water to steep the tea in. In order to enjoy a perfect cup of tea, the water must be boiled in a kettle or any other kettle alternative.

Furthermore, another mistake that is often made is pouring the water over the tea bag into the cup and never cover the cup. It is essential to remember to cover the cup the entire time the tea is steeping. Also, one must remember to always pour boiling water onto the tea bag and never put the tea bag into boiling water. Moreover, one must remember to NEVER squeeze the tea bag when steeping is over.

Generally speaking, a blend of Green Tea and Herbal Tea should be steeped between 3-5 minutes in water that is around 185 degrees to 212 degrees, depending on the type of Green Tea. For example, when preparing our tea, pour the boiling water over the tea bags directly into the cup. Then, cover the cup with something, such as a small plate, for 3-5 minutes. Afterwards, take the tea bags out of the cup without squeezing the tea bag and enjoy a perfectly brewed tea.

There you have it, just a few simple tricks to a better cup of tea.


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Ive been doing it all wrong. I always put the tea bag into the water UHHH :(

Thank you for the tip :)

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