Four Ways To Utilize Used Tea Bags

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Most of us look at tea bags as a one-time use item, from which we get a cup of tea and once we are finished drinking our delicious cup of tea, the time comes to throw out the tea bag in the trash. However, hold onto those tea bags, we might be able to find few more uses for that used little packet of damp tealeaves.

1) Brew a Stronger Tea The next time you are drinking a cup of tea made with a tea bag, just ask yourself if you think you would like the taste if it were a little bit stronger. If the answer to that question is “Yes,” then you might want to save your used tea bag for another brew with a fresh one. Granted, the used tea bag will not have the same effectiveness as a fresh one but the twice-brewed leaves will still be able to give out additional flavor to your freshly brewed tea, which will provide an extra kick to its flavor that you might enjoy. This method will easily work with most types of tea out there; you should give it a try.

2) Use Your Homemade Glass Cleaner Whenever you are looking for an alternative to Windex, look no further than your used tea bags. The re-brewed tea from the used tea bags may be used as a glass cleaner. Spray it onto glass surfaces around the house and see how dirt, grime and fingerprints are easily removed with the help of a lint-free cloth.

3) Eliminate Your Household Odors Household odors can be an unpleasant experience, especially when we have guests present. Good thing you did not throw away those used tea bags. Now you can place that used damp tea bags on a small plate and place it in the room or the area of the house that was giving out that bad odor. Do not forget to throw away the used tea bags at the end of the day. If placed in room temperature environment, the used tea bags should not be kept for more than a day.

4) Enrich Your Garden When thinking about using a fertilizer for your plants, you should first consider the used tea bags. The used tea bags can really improve the life of the plants in the garden. There are couple of ways you may utilize the used tea bags to enrich your garden. The first method is to re-brew the used bags and use that weak tea on your plants to protect them from fungal infections. The second method is sprinkling the damp tealeaves around the base of the plants. Which works really well as a fertilizer and adds a lot of nutrients to the soil and as a result gives you a healthy garden.

Lastly, for those of you who would like to re-use your little tea bags, we felt that we had to mention the best method of keeping those tea bags for a second use. The best method would be to place that used damp tea bags into a Ziploc bag and place it in the fridge, which should prolong the usefulness of it for about a week.

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