Daily Walks Improve Creativity

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Greek philosophers, such as Aristotle, thought and taught as he walked. Friedrich Nietzsche said; “all truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.” Raymond Inmon wrote; “If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking. Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk.” There seems to be a connection between walking and thinking.

Walking is in our DNA, we learn to walk at a young age and continue to walk until we kick the bucket. Walking does not take much effort; therefore, it is easy for our minds to wonder off into a world that is only created through our imagination. A research published by American Psychological Association concluded that the individuals who walked had an increase in creativity output by around 60% compared to those who sat down. This is due to the fact that walking urges the heart to work faster, which creates more blood and oxygen circulation throughout the organs, including the brain. 

The pace of the walk also dictates the way the mind thinks. For example, a casual walk coordinates with a casual thinking. Every action that we take is first created in our minds. If you choose to run, your mind creates the thought first, before it sends the vibrations through your nerves to your muscles and into your legs for them to start moving. In a split second, your mind creates the thought before your muscles take the appropriate action. The astounding speed of the transfer is so quick that we realize the reaction after noticing our body’s movement.

Studies have shown that walking is also a great way to clear the mind. According to The Anxiety and Depression Association of America, a brisk 10 minute walk can help reduce stress and in some cases may be as good as a 45 minutes of workout. Taking a stroll through the city is a great way to escape everything that is happening around you. It will give you time to reflect on your past achievements and future endeavors. It might even give you the next big idea to share it with the world. You have a goldmine between your ears. Start walking as often as possible, and dig deep inside your mind, you never know what you may find. 

A tea in the morning, with a quick 10-15 minutes of walking to organize your thoughts is a great way to begin your day.


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