The Best Time To Drink Tea

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It has been a long tradition to serve tea to guest throughout different cultures around the world. Teatime is when we connect with one another, creating a stronger bond. It is when we rejoice in those memories that keep bringing a smile to our face. It is also a time, when we reflect on our own life and embrace all that is well.

However, the timing depends on the purpose for which you are drinking it. It also depends on the type of tea you are drinking. Therefore, the answer varies from one tea to another. 

So, when should you drink tea? The answer lies within your environment and activity at that time. For example, during lunchtime, it is best to drink black tea. Not only is it because it is the most common among restaurants but it also has the ability to cut through the greasiness of some dishes.

“What about Green Tea?” you may ask. Green Tea is full of antioxidants; therefore, it is best to drink green tea in-between meals. Many suggest drinking it 1-2 hours after your meal in order for your body to absorb the benefits. 

Herbal teas are known for their benefits. Many of the herbal teas are used therapeutically. Therefore, almost all herbal teas have a purpose and are used as solution to certain health issues. Among many reasons, some herbal teas are used for mental health and others are used for physical health.

For example, people have substituted their cup of coffee with ashwagandha tea because ashwagandha is great source for energy. Others have used ashwagandha tea before meetings and conferences to reduce stress and anxiety. Many have used it before going to bed, because it is a great relaxant. For those reasons, there is no specific time as to when to drink herbal tea.

All in all, whenever you do decide to drink tea, make sure you know the purpose of the tea and make sure to know for what purpose you are drinking the tea. Nonetheless, whenever you do decide to drink tea, take a deep breath and savor the moment.



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