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Through out the year, there are many surveys conducted by different associations to understand workplace stress and how to overcome it.

According to American Psychological Association: “a stressful work environment can contribute to problems such as headache, stomachache, sleep disturbances, short temper and difficulty concentrating. Chronic stress can result in anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure and a weakened immune system. It can also contribute to health conditions such as depression, obesity and heart disease.”

Nonetheless, there are a few tricks you can do to help with managing stress during and after work. Stress is natural part of life, and occurs when there is a tension or worry. It is something that we have to learn to live with and track it in order for us to be able to control.

Learning to relax our minds in stressful situations is how we can overcome stress. Deep breathing is a key tool used by many to calm oneself when faced with stress or anxiety. Learn to relax your mind through deep breathing and feel the difference. Quite often, people will continue thinking about their jobs even when they arrive home. Remember to leave your job worries at work and do not bring them home with you. This creates chaos and unrest in the mind, which can lead to insomnia and anxiety. If you find yourself in this situation, it is recommended to meditate for a few minutes and focus to create peace within. Also, it is recommended to practice yoga. One of the main reasons why people start practicing yoga is to reduce stress.

Moreover, we recommend learning about natural remedies, such as herbs and teas. For example, Ashwagandha is a gift from Nature to help deal with stress and anxiety. As mentioned in a previous blog, Ashwagandha reduces levels of cortisol in the body, thus creating a calmer or neutral feeling. Also, for a better night sleep, try drinking our tea 30 minutes before going to bed. In Ayurvedic medicine, doctors have used Ashwagandha to treat insomnia.

In the end, always remember that stress is inevitable and is part of life. All we can do is learn to control it. Drink our tea, take deep breaths and meditate to overcome it.



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